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Are you a blonde? Brunette? Redhead? Do you have a signature look or are you itching for a little change or even something drastic to shake up your look? Well, we can help. Whether you are a first time client or have been coming to us for years, we love talking with you and finding out what the best look for you will be. Our stylists are eager to help you put your best foot forward…and hair for that matter.

Suzy and Company Pricing Starting June 1st, 2017

Women’s Haircut $34.00
Men’s Cut $22.00
Shampoo & Set $22.00
Children 6 & Under $11.00
Children 7-12yrs $16.00
Children 13-15yrs $21.00
Conditioning Treatment $10.00
Color Retouch* $46.00
Color w/ Haircut $79.00
Color w/o Haircut $50.00
Mini Foil* $35.00
Partial Foil* $55.00
Cap Highlight* $55.00
Full Foil* $80.00
Perm $75.00
Updo $60.00 +
Keratherapy: Lock & Seal $25.00
Intense Renewal $150.00
Extreme Renewal $150.00